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Founded in 2005, AguaClara Cornell pioneers research in community-scale water treatment technologies. AguaClara Cornell has partnered with AguaClara Reach and other local organizations to build fourteen AguaClara plants that provide safe water on tap to over 65,000 people, with the flagship plant in Ojojona, Honduras and other plants in India.

Monroe Weber-Shirk

Dr. Monroe Weber-Shirk received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 1992. His experiences working in Salvadoran refugee camps in Honduras helped shape his interest in sustainable technologies for safe drinking water.

In 2005 he founded the AguaClara program to address the need for sustainable municipal scale water treatment in resource poor communities. His investigations of the widespread failure of automated and mechanized water treatment plants have provided the impetus to develop a new approach to solve this global infrastructure problem.

He has guided the AguaClara team to invent a series of technologies that together make it possible to produce safe drinking water without using any electricity.

Picture of Monroe

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