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The research, invention, and design project courses specific to AguaClara are focused on developing technology that can be used to improve the drinking water quality of surface water sources in the Global South. The program is structured to allow students with different levels of expertise to collaborate, invent, and change the world.

Recruitment Fall 2019

Recruitment for all members has finished for Fall 2019. Check in again in January 2020 for Spring Recruitment.


Joining Aguaclara as a project team member requires you to take a one of the following CEE courses to gain credit for the research conducted or work completed. All students on the project team must enroll in CEE 2550.

Graduate Students
  • CEE 5051/5052: AguaClara: Sustainable Water Supply Project
Undergraduate Students
  • CEE 2550: AguaClara: Sustainable Water Supply Project
  • CEE 4520: Sustainable Safe Water on Tap
International Students
  • International Student Research Internships


Why should you join our team?

“Aguaclara has made it clear to me the importance of communication and lifelong friendships; that the key to engineering is a foundation of understanding across ideologies, languages, and cultures. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by the daunting mission that defines Aguaclara, being a part of the team has shown me that there is sophistication in simplicity, innovation in friendship, and beauty in engineering."


- Christopher Galantino, Environmental Engineering '19

“Being surrounded by so many people who are equally committed to using engineering to benefit communities is incredible. It has been so special to do research, watch the implementation of the team’s hard work, and have the opportunity to visit plants in Honduras. AguaClara has inspired a change in my career path to focus more on safe water."


- Clare O'Connor, Environmental Engineering '18