Going Global Subteams

Public Relations

Public Relations of AguaClara Cornell focuses on increasing overall exposure of the project team within Cornell and the global community.

Public Relations creates and manages a consistent brand image that communicate AguaClara Cornell’s innovative, minimalistic, and sustainable ideals. Internal team pride and campus exposure is increased by designing team merchandise, maintaining regular social media presence, and overseeing recruitment materials. Press kits, brand books, and templates for promotional materials ensure a uniform message of AguaClara Cornell’s mission is promoted to external sources and maintained within the team.


  • Helen Hsu | ceo45@cornell.edu
  • Isa Kaminsky | crg226@cornell.edu
  • Madeleine Lee | cac468@cornell.edu

Webmasters and Knowledge Management

AguaClara’s Webmasters and Knowledge Management subteam was created in the Spring of 2017 with the responsibility to update and maintain AguaClara’s website, the project team’s primary online resource. The main task for this semester’s WKM team is to rebuild AguaClara’s Website


  • Adrianne Han | ajh292@cornell.edu
  • Jun Byun | jb2294@cornell.edu
  • Shoshana Swell | ses317@cornell.edu


The main objective of the Investments Team is to secure donor and investor funding in order to aid AguaClara in carrying out its present and future goals. The team aims to achieve this through 1) developing an accounting tool which would help local communities in Honduras better keep track of their finances and demonstrate to investors the financial viability of AguaClara water treatment plants and 2) compiling a database of potential donors and investors whose vision aligns with the AguaClara's objectives. For this semester, the team's goals were to create a series of educational videos of the accounting software QFACWIN and aid AguaClara Reach in compiling a donor database


  • Jonathan Tsang | jct259@cornell.edu
  • Jenny Chan | jc2764@cornell.edu
  • Aditi Athavale | asa85@cornell.edu
  • Kevin Sarmiento | ks2255@cornell.edu