Fabrication Subteams


Working on optimizing and redesigning the PF300 Plant.


  • Sandra Cangelosi | sc2749
  • Son-Jay Lake | svl24
  • Melissa Louie | ml897
  • Lynn Shin | ms3244

Sensor Development

The goal of the Sensor Development subteam is to create sensors that help monitor water quality during the water treatment process, for the purpose of improving experimentation in other subteams and facilitating the work of plant operators. In particular, the team has been working on a particle concentration and turbidity sensor for the last few semesters, beginning with a fluidized bed solids detector developed for in-lab use and now a submersible solids detector for field use. The submersible solids detector is the main focus for the team this semester. Two different designs based on an endoscope and a pre-developed turbidity sensor will be tested to measure the height of the sludge blanket in the sedimentation tanks.


  • Janice Lee | jl2838
  • Mahi Narayanan Nair | mfn37

Ram Pump

The purpose of the Ram Pump team is to design and develop a properly functioning hydraulic ram pump, or hydram, for implementation in AguaClara plants. The hydram can be used to deliver water from below the facility back to the top for utilization in chemical stock tanks or to collect water at higher elevations for alternative uses.


  • Maggie Chen | mc2533
  • Payton Hunter | prh64
  • Ching Pang | cp546