The AguaClara Difference

AguaClara Conference Spring 2021

AguaClara Reach will be hosting an annual research based conference every spring for students, members of ACR, and other professionals to present about the technical work that has gone on in the past year. There will be presentations on interesting research that was completed so that the rest of the attendees can comment, ask questions, and help define the future of AguaClara's research goals. Through this process we can identify the biggest areas that still need improvement while acknowledging and bringing together the members of the AC community that have made all our technological advancement possible.

Dates coming soon!

AguaClara Conference Fall 2020


December 5th, 2019

We had a gathering of students and professionals alike who are drawn together by the mission to provide safe water on tap. It involved presentations from various functions of AguaClara, as well as breakout discussions and team building activities.


We wanted to help make the various functions of AguaClara much more cohesive, through the sharing of ideas as well as interactions between members of the various functions. Furthermore, we wanted to educate other schools or community members on the mission of AguaClara and what AguaClara has done to help bring safe water to various communities.


We showcased the key technical components of AguaClara technology, as well as the implementation process of AguaClara plants, and how AguaClara plants have impacted various communities.

We envisioned multiple components, including interactive activities and guest speakers from the different branches of AguaClara in an inclusive environment promoting inquiries and further unifying AguaClara as a whole. We look forward to continuing this conference in years to come.


AguaClara Cornell, AguaClara Reach, AguaClara OSU, Gram Vikas, AC Para el Pueblo, 33 Buckets, Alumni, and other project teams