Apps and Algorithms

AIDE (AguaClara Infrastructure Design Engine)

POST (Plant Operations Smartphone Tracker)

Born out of a need to streamline the data collection process: previously plant operators would write down hundreds of data entries in a physical log book, and would have to manually transcribe it into an Excel sheet. This was clearly an unsustainable and inefficient process, especially in a world with smartphones. POST was created to help fix this problem.


  • Giancarlo Pacenza |
  • Shirley Chen |
  • Stacy Wei |
  • Sneha Kumar |
  • Nathan Bala |

Floc App (Floc size and count app)

The Floc App team aims to integrate techniques in computer vision to: identify, count, and size flocs. We use a powerful camera to capture the photos in real time and aim to use software to analyze these images. The ultimate goal is to provide meaningful data to improve plant operations. The goals for this semester were to assemble our new team and begin testing the parameters to optimize our ability to identify flocs.


  • Shuo Han |
  • Ryan Kannanaikal |
  • Medhavi Gandhi|
  • Zhen Xiao|